Boss CE-3 Chorus
Boss CE-3 Chorus

CE-3 Chorus, コーラス from Boss.

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Hatsubai 04/09/2011

Boss CE-3 Chorus : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Decent chorus"

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The Boss CE-3 is a fairly overlooked chorus pedal on the market. More people seem to go for the CE-1 or CE-2, and I can see why. This pedal features three knobs -- a rate knob, a depth knob and a 2 way rotary knob to select between two voicings. It also features A and B outputs for doing a stereo-esque effect.


The Boss CE-3 is an extremely reliable pedal thanks to it being housed in the famous Boss enclsoure. These things can withstand an air raid, they're that sturdy. The controls are laid out in a different manner than most other controls tend to be laid out on Boss products. Instead of the middle knob being moved downwards, it's right in the middle. Because of that, the LED is somewhat obscured by the depth knob. The manual does a pretty good job at explaining what everything does, but it's not needed on a pedal as simple as this.


The CE-3 has a fairly lush sounding chorus, and it works great for those looking for a basic sounding chorus. It doesn't have too many options, but it's meant more for delivering tone than giving you thousands of options. The stereo output is really cool as well. The rotary switch allows you to select between two voicings, so it's basically an upgraded CE-1 pedal. That said, there is some tone suckage with this pedal, and compared to today's chorus pedals out there, I find it to still be a bit limiting.


The Boss CE-3 is a decent chorus pedal that delivers a fairly nice chorus sound. It's a bit dated compared to today's chorus pedals, and it also sucks some tone, but if you find one for a decent price, I recommend checking it out. It's kinda like an upgraded CE-1, but maybe not quite as nice sounding.