Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost
Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost

Time Machine Boost, Guitar/Bass booster from Legendary Tones.

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moosers 01/22/2011

Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost is a guitar boost pedal that has been reissued in recent years by the combination of Legendary Tones and Robert Keeley Electronics. However, the original was put out under Legendary Tones. The pedal can serve as a simple boost pedal, or as an overdrive or guitar preamp. The pedal has 1/4" connections for input and output in the back, as well as a 9 volt power supply jack and a battery compartment. It's not a rack mountable piece of gear since it's a stomp box.


The make up of the Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost pedal isn't too hard to follow, regardless of your level of experience. The pedal has two main buttons - one for turning the pedal on and one for switching between the two different modes, from which you have a vintage and a modern setting to choose from. The vintage section of the pedal gives you parameters for volume and intensity as well as a switch that gives you modes for 1966 and 1973 to choose from. The modern section has just a knob for volume and a switch to turn warp drive on or off, which adds more harmonic gain. I haven't had a look at the manual for this pedal so I can't speak to it's configuration.


The overall sound of the Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost is nothing short of awesome! The pedal is versatile between the two modes, offering up a number of different colors. It's more than just your simple boost pedal, as it's great for getting a bit of overdrive happening as well. A session musician recently brought this pedal into the studio, and it really sounded great whenever he would engage the pedal for leads and solos. I don't know how this newer version compares to the original.


The Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost pedal is one for professionals looking for a versatile boost and guitar preamp. It's somewhat expensive, but what you're getting is most likely going to be worth it for professionals looking for a great sound no matter what the cost. This is the perfect pedal to have at the front of your guitar rig, whether you're using it on the stage or in the studio.