Keeley Electronics Java Boost
Keeley Electronics Java Boost

Java Boost, Guitar/Bass booster from Keeley Electronics.

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Hatsubai 11/28/2011

Keeley Electronics Java Boost : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Old school treble booster"

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Ever want that old school 60s/70s treble booster sound? Ever want it in true bypass form, more refined and a bit more modern? Well, Keeley has made the pedal for you. This is not really a normal booster. We're talking that kind of Brian May old school treble boosted Vox kind of sound. It's not for everyone, and it can really be an acquired taste, but if you're looking for the ultimate treble booster, this just may be it. The pedal features a tone and level knob, along with true bypass, a special switch to select between voicings, true bypass and more.


Keeley did a great job at packing everything in this pedal. Normally, treble boosters are just one knob machines. You turn the knob up, and you get more of the effect. This is great if you're just wanting that old school, basic sound, but for today's world, we need a few more options. Keeley wonderfully provided us with a three way voicing switch that allows you to select between three different styles of treble boosting. There is also another knob to allow you to choose exactly how much of that treble effect in the treble boost you want. The pedal is true bypass, so there's no worrying about your tone when it's bypassed. On top of that, he also built this in one of the most hardcore, rock solid enclosures out there, so no issues about this failing any time soon.


This is rated down slightly because, quite honestly, I couldn't find a use for that old school treble booster sound. I'm a product of the 80s/90s, and my main genre is death metal. While I play other things like fusion and blues, I never really got into that 60s/70s style rock. However, that doesn't mean this is a bad pedal. In fact, it's one of the best treble booster I've ever had the pleasure of using. I loved it when boosting an old school Vox for that Brian May style tone. I also liked the extra versatility in this to allow me to select between the voicings.


If you're in need of a great treble booster, take a hard look at this. It's an awesome pedal. Although it's slightly pricey, it's one hell of a great treble booster. I recommend buying used since you'll save some money, but that's just for the penny pinchers out there.