DOD FX87 Edge
DOD FX87 Edge

FX87 Edge, Guitar/Bass booster from DOD.

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moosers 09/25/2010

DOD FX87 Edge : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The DOD FX87 Edge, also known as the Psycho Acoustic Processor, is an effects pedal, originally designed for acoustic instruments. I've used it with both acoustic and electric guitar, however. The pedal is an analog one, with 1/4" connections for input and output, a nine volt battery compartment, and a jack for a nine volt power supply as well. It isn't going to be rack mountable since it's a stomp box and is engaged with your foot.


Without exaggeration, the DOD FX87 Edge is the simplest pedal on the planet as it's only got a single knob! You literally cannot get easier than this one, and the one parameter is vague enough just to be labeled 'process.' It's basically and exciter/enhancer pedal, giving you tone a quick boost on the high end mostly. A manual surely shouldn't be necessary here.


The pedal definitely does as advertised, as the DOD FX87 Edge is a nice little enhancer pedal that does a nice job for live shows. I don't think I'd use something like this in the studio, but it's definitely useful for shows where you might be looking to cut through the mix easier. Having used it on both acoustic and electric guitar, I'd say it's more effective on acoustic, but isn't useless for electric either. I'm not sure that I would buy one of these for my guitar rig, but I certainly see it's worth.


It doesn't seem like there are too many of these pedals floating around, nor do I thikn it's worth seeking out the DOD FX87 Edge. However, if you do see one on the cheap and/or get a chance to check it out, it's certainly a useful pedal that can come in handy for live shows when you're looking to excite, or get a bit of a cleaner boost to your sound. This pedal should be pretty cheap if you can find one used, so if you might need something like this, the FX87 could be a good way to go...