BBE Freq Boost
BBE Freq Boost

Freq Boost, Guitar/Bass booster from BBE in the Stomp Boxes series.

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severinsteel 06/23/2012

BBE Freq Boost : severinsteel のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Bad rendition of a classic pedal"

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Nothing special here: Input, output, power jack, power indicator, stomp switch, battery compartment, volume knob. Overall a very very simple pedal. No midi, or anything out of the ordinary.


So not commenting on the sound quality at all, this is as simple a design as you can possibly muster up. Anything with only a volume knob is extremely easy to implement. Probably the most complex aspect of the pedal is the packaging. It reminds me of Apple packaging; very artistic in layout. My only real gripe in this department is how big the pedal is for it's limited control layout. It's way too big for such a simple pedal. Pedal board real-estate is generally at a premium so I see no need for this.


Ok, so this is where the pedal really falls short. It does not sound good! Treble boosters are to be honest, a kind of pedal for the yesteryear. 'Modern' overdrives and distortions have sort of taken over. But, for that Brian May sound, it's sort of necessary. But yes, this pedal does not sound good at all. And yes, I used it in front of several different tube amps, from clean to slightly overdriven. BBE should have given you a frequency control so you could actually choose which frequency you boosted. I could not get a good sound out of this pedal no matter what I tried.


Well, I got mine for a great deal practically brand new; now I know why. I didn't try before I bought cause the price was right. Build quality was there, packaging was nice, but the pedal just sucked. BBE should probably stick to what they do best: Sonic Maximizers. This pedal was discontinued and for good reason.