Avid Eleven Rack
Avid Eleven Rack

Eleven Rack, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from Avid in the Eleven series.

public price: ¥899 VAT incl.
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loudfunk 03/24/2011

Avid Eleven Rack : loudfunk のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Pleasant surprise..."

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Using it as a hardware interface with a Mac Book Pro, and as a re-amp device.
Started with in with Pro Tools 8, upgraded to Pro Tool 9 and the expansion pack.

One of the biggest reasons of why I wanted it is to use as a re-amper, more below.


Avid does does updates, unfortunately many times they are paid upgrades that other companies will throw you free.
The one headache is that if I hot plug the unit, I have to restart my lap top since it will not see the interface once it's unplugged.


Installing drivers and software...good to go. Or alternatively just plug in hook up a set of monitors or head phones and rock.
All functions are fairly easy to get to from the front panel, editing patches and sounds via the ACTUAL knobs will be preferential for many users. That said I much prefer the interface that is only available via Pro Tools.
The re-amping features and use as a audio interface will be all fully usable in any other recording program, the only missing link is the Graphic User Interface.

So...as a reamper...
Open your software select input 1 for a DI guitar signal, if you wanna hear/print the actual sound you have dialed in select input 3 on another track.
If you don't want to hear the direct monitor output that circumvents the software and busses straight to the output/monitor the select re-amp as input in Eleven Rack instead of guitar. The software will still print the DI signal regardless.
Record a track, when you're happy with it and want to mess with different tones set that tracks output to 3/4 re-amp out, select re-amp as input in guitar rig and then select input 3 for your track to record the processed signal.
Now that is all fine and good to re-amp the Eleven Rack, but where it gets interesting is actually using your fave amp for it.
Same set-up, except you send the Eleven Rack efx loop to the amp (obviously bypassing the amp/cab sim),
and then either use a loaded down signal and return to the Eleven R efx return, or mic it and use the mic input (input 2 on your software to record it) and print that.
Most elegant re-amp solution I've come across.


Lots has been said about 11R. The new expansion pack adds some nice new models, liek a Bogner XTC with 2x12 cab that is voiced rather nice.
The model of the Exotic RC boost is a good one, especially when used with the model of the Matchless DC 30.
Finally a parametric eq and stereo delay added.

Downsides...you still can't run 2 drives at once. The other you can't use 3rd party speaker/cabinet impulses.