HomeBrew Electronics UFO Ultimate Fuzz Octave
HomeBrew Electronics UFO Ultimate Fuzz Octave

UFO Ultimate Fuzz Octave, Fuzz pedal from HomeBrew Electronics.

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heads on fire 09/10/2011

HomeBrew Electronics UFO Ultimate Fuzz Octave : heads on fire のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Best fuzz/octave I've found."

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Sturdy metal housing with a nice sparkly finish

Fuzz, Level and active Tone controls

Vintage/Modern Switch: Vintage Mode-Classic Fuzz, Modern Mode-Aggresive, more output and low end.

True-Bypass switching.

1/4" in and out.

Stomp for pedal on/off, stomp for octave setting on/off

Handmade in the USA!


This pedal is easy to set up and use. One stomp controls if the pedal will be engaged or not, and the other controls whether or not the sound will have the octave setting. The Vintage/Modern switch is handy to experiment with different tone settings.

A side note - this pedal has the best knobs ever - big triangular shaped knobs. I wish more manufacturers would put some quirky features out there like these knobs to make their products more interesting.


This pedal is amazing! The fuzz tone is huge and warm, and can get quite distorted if necessary. While rolling off the volume on the guitar, the sound gets to be more like an overdrive - very round, with gobs of sustain and note bloom.

The octave setting is fantastic - like Hendrix, or Queens of the Stone Age, the octave up fuzz is a very dramatic-sounding effect that can be very inspiring! This pedal can nail tones from either of those artists or anything in between.

Only if one found "the" perfect original Fuzz Face and "the" perfect original Octavia, it could sound better. But it would be much less convenient, and loads more expensive!


This is the best combination fuzz/octave pedal I've ever tried. I think it honestly blows the more expensive Prescription Electronics Experience pedal out of the water. The nice people at HBE make some fun, quirky pedals, and they are all top-quality designs and craftsmanship. Anyone jonesing for some "Purple Haze" should just buy one of these UFO pedals and call it a day. I'd absolutely buy another one of these if I had the chance.