Fulltone Octafuzz
Fulltone Octafuzz

Octafuzz, Fuzz pedal from Fulltone.

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mooseherman 06/29/2010

Fulltone Octafuzz : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Solid Fuzz pedal that gets DIRTY!"

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This is a really interesting Fuzz pedal by Fulltone. It has two modes, regular Fuzz and Octafuzz. There are two 1/4" connections, input and output, as well as a 9V adapter input. This is an analog pedal all the way, which means no computer or MIDI editing. And since it's a pedal, it's not rackable.


The editing on this pedal is pretty simple. There are two knobs and a switch. The first knob controls the level of fuzz. The second one controls boost, or how much your volume increases (or decreases depending on how it's set). The switch switches between regular fuzz mode and octafuzz, which is like the fuzz but a little gainier and with a faint trace of an octave signal in the mix there. This pedal is easy to adjust on the fly which I really like.


This pedal is a really great sounding fuzz. The regular fuzz alone would be enough for me, I think it holds its own with a lot of really great pedals. However, the Octafuzz sound is also really cool, especially for leads. It's not really the same as using and octave pedal and a fuzz pedal in tandem with each other, but it's a cool effect regardless. Most of the time I just use it for the regular fuzz, which is more than satisfactory. It ranges from a light texturizing fuzz to a growling, gnarly fuzz and everything between.


This is a pretty great pedal. It's not too expensive I guess, though there are probably other fuzzes in the price range that I would prefer, namely a good Big Muff. But there's definitely enough character in this pedal that would warrant enough people to prefer it over the Big Muff and other pedals like that. I think this is at least worth checking out, I recommend it.