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ericthegreat 11/02/2011

Gemini DJ GSM-3250 : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"good but outdated"

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I was blown away by the Gemini GSM 3250 speakers they are great and man they pack a BIG punch in such a small box they are so light perfect to move around and they are at such a great price

Pros: Loud, Cheap, Capable Cons: Heavy, one came broken (i fixed it), flimsy plastic handles, cheap particle board, no speak on inputs, can't be mounted on speaker stand I bought two of these for my rock n roll band. On one of them, none of the tweeters (the 4 little speakers across the top) were working, so i took it apart and found that the wiring had broken somehow. fixed it, and its been fine, but figured you guys should know that there are some quality control issues at gemini. Speakers this weight really could use stronger handles, too, because the plastic ones are just a bit too flimsy for me to feel completely comfortable carrying around a 60 lbs speaker without grabbing it in a bear hug. The particle board is cheap and flimsy-after a year i've had both speakers apart and i've been reinforcing them with 2x4 pieces, etc. The biggest pro for these speakers is that they are pretty loud and very cheap. They are very bassy so expect to EQ them a lot, but it's good to know that they have the capability to blow the roof off of any venue, should I need it. As far as what you can expect of these speakers in real life, I feel comfortable using them for anything from 50 person to 500 person concerts, and above 500 if I have a crossover and subs. After a year: I wish i would have saved more and bought two JBL JRX125's...heavier, but more program power handling. I really like these a lot, but there are so many other speakers on the market for the same price that can give you a better sound than these. Plus these are a little outdated now, but they still have a good sound.