Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Saffire Pro 40, FireWire audio interface from Focusrite in the Saffire series.

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mrjason 12/30/2012

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 : mrjason のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Used with Cubase and Pro Tools"

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We have the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 in one of our studios on campus. We are using it with a set of KRK monitors on a Windows PC. The computer that it is installed on is running Vista, and it runs great with Vista. It has not given me any errors while using it and the drivers appear to be very stable on Vista (64) bit. This interface can and should be racked, it will only take up one rack space but it has all of the inputs you need to run a session.


When you use this interface you will also get some very good plug-ins from Focusrite that include some very good compression and reverb plug-ins that you can use as a VST in whichever DAW you have installed or want to use it with.


The preamps in this interface are great, I did not expect them to be that warm and clean. They are also very quiet and you will not even notice this interface is being used. It is very easy to set up in just about any program you want to use it with. But particularly in that studio we only use Cubase and Pro Tools. So for those two DAWS it works great.


As far as the make of this rackable interface, it is built to last. The knobs (there are only about 11 of them) are built well and are very easy to move. The mic inputs or instrument inputs are on the front of this unit which can be a plus depending on how your set up is. But sometimes with these inputs on the front of the unit requires the cords to be in the way sometimes. This would only be an issue at home though because in the studio this sits in a separate rack away from the actual workspace. I do recommend getting this for your home set up because it is not only great quality but it is affordable.