Image Line FL Studio 6 XXL
Image Line FL Studio 6 XXL

FL Studio 6 XXL, 電子音楽シーケンサー from Image Line in the FL Studio 6 series.

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FP User 11/10/2008

Image Line FL Studio 6 XXL : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Would Like to see a Resizable Mixer(not just a tad bigger one)

Price paid


(Easy to use) I run midi from my MPC-3000 Daisy chained to a Korg X5D through FL Studio XXL 6.0 Producers Edition.....


The Sound Quality is Perfect........

Rock Solid(just like my MPC3000) On a P4 3.0 Ghz.


The Built of FL Studio XXL 6.0 Producers Edition is (in My opinion)Designed like the akai MPC3000.I control Record, Playback and Many other functions from my MPC3000 thats Daisy Chained to a Korg X5D.Its one of my Elements I use in Producing Hot Tracks.Now as far as loving it.It aint to that point yet.but who knows with FL Studio 7.0 around the corner.....all I got to say is...It doesnt substitute for the MPC3000 but as far as Loading sounds you never have to leave the Digital Relm.No More Disks to Load in the MPC3000 .Just load all your sounds to your Hard Drive and Control it all From your MPC3000!!!!Keep Making Music!!!

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