Fender Modern Player Jaguar
Fender Modern Player Jaguar

Modern Player Jaguar, JZ/JG モデルのソリッドボディエレクトリックギター from Fender in the Jaguar series.

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tjon901 12/01/2011

Fender Modern Player Jaguar : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Mean Machine P90 style"

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I dont know what Fender was thinking when they came out with this guitar but I like it. This is the Fender Modern Player Jaguar. This is a new guitar from Fender and it looks to simplify the old Jaguar design and make it a straight rock machine. The old Jaguar came out in the early 60s trying to be the classy version of the Stratocaster. It had crazy controls all over it for phase switching and whatnot. It also had a crazy tremolo on it. Not many people liked it and it never caught on as well as the Stratocaster. There have been many variations on the shape and this Modern Player guitar is the latest I think. It gets rid of everything that people did not like and simplifies it. It has a mahogany body with a bolt on maple neck with the big 70s headstock on it. The headstock script looks pretty silly. It looks like a little kid wrote it. The neck has a rosewood fretboard with 21 frets. It has a standard scale neck so the body looks kind of small compared to the rest of the guitar because the Jaguar was meant to have a short scale neck on it. Instead of the silly Jaguar tremolo they threw on a simple tune-o-matic which is great. There are no crazy phase switches on the guitar. The controls are just a master volume and master tone. The pickups are a set of growling P90s. P90s are some of the best pickups for rock and roll playing. P90s work well with a bit of overdrive and get you a classic overdriven sound. I think they do better with drive than low output humbuckers. You get the body of a humbucker with the high end bite of a single coil. The body keeps it from sounding thin like some single coils do with gain but the high end bite gives it a nice grind and clarity with playing with the gain. This guitar is a really good value. In my shop its priced at only around 400 dollars. Thats pretty good for a Fender. You cant get many Epiphones for that. With this guitar you get tons of tone and playability without any of the hassle. There are no tremolos to go out of tune or springs to adjust. Its just straight rock and roll P90 tone.