ESP STEF-7 - See Thru Green
ESP STEF-7 - See Thru Green

STEF-7 - See Thru Green, 7/8 スケールまたはバリトンギター from ESP in the Stephen Carpenter series.

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wwhhhaatt 07/21/2011

ESP STEF-7 - See Thru Green : wwhhhaatt のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"soooo good."

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This is a Japan made custom shop neck through 6 string model. It has an alder body with maple wings, maple neck, ebony fret board, and string through tune-o-matic bridge.I have the black one with the older pearl binding. I hate cheap looking binding like on the LTDec100 line but ESP got this one right. The carved top also adds a touch of class.

Stock it came with a seymour duncan jb bridge, ESP middle humbucker, ESP neck single coil, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a five way pick up switch.


This guitar is an absolute dream to play. The 25 1/2" scale gives your fingers just a bit more room which really helps on the upper register of the neck. I normally do not like painted necks but this one feels great, not sticky. The cut away is also a bit deeper than other guitars so getting to the 24th fret is no problem. The weight distribution is so nice and it just sits perfectly in your hands. I think this is something that gets taken for granted but with how I play it is extremely important for performance and health in the back.

When I bought this guitar I could tell it had been put through hell but still there were no problems with the frets or neck and a quick set up with new strings was all it took to get it playing great again. This thing was literally trashed, the pickups did not work, the binding was chipped off the headstock, the bridge was jacked up to allow a bass string to be used for the low was just a mess.


I play a mixture of metal, rock, prog, clean chords and I get so many sounds out of this guitar. As I mentioned this guitar was trashed so once I got it playing I quickly swapped out the JB. I did plug it in briefly with the stock set-up but I was never a fan of that pickup so I won't comment on that. I went through many pickups searching for a perfect bridge pickup and settled on an Anderson h3. With this pickup it has everything I want in a guitar. The low end is tight, the highs are just enough to cut through a dense mix, and the mid range is never honky. I will say I do not use the middle pickup very often but I think that's because the other positions sound so good that it's not really necessary. Right now I have a dimarzio air zone single in the neck and have the 4th position on the selector set up to coil tap it. It's really amazing how this guitar can go from modern metal to sweet sounding blues in the flick of a switch.


I really cannot think of anything I don't like about this guitar. I think ESP cheaped out a bit on the middle and neck pickups but most people change those out anyway. Still for the money they could have at least loaded it with all Duncan. If you can find one of these guitars and you play any kind of rock or metal it would be tough to beat it. They have since discontinued the 6 string model but you can get a pretty similar guitar in the Horizon line.