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engage757 10/04/2011

Caparison Angelus HGS : engage757 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Best alternative for down tunings to a PRS Private Stock!"

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This is a Caparison Angelus in Pro finished Trans-Matte Black. Manufactured in 2008, this guitar is the perfect example of why Caparison Guitars have developed a loyal fan base. The Mahogany neck is set into a Mahogany body and capped with a nice, thick Flamed Maple cap. The Ebony fingerboard is perfectly inlaid with Caparison's signature clock inlays that change times for every position. 24 frets and a Graph-tech nut round off the fingerboard, with immaculate fretwork. Tuners are Height-Adjustable-Pole Gotoh Model SG301-01's Moving down the guitar, it is well equipped with two Caparison humbuckers, PH-F in the neck position and PH-R in the bridge. A three way switch and two volume knobs round out the Caparison Passive electronics. The bridge is a thing of beauty. The Schaller 1458 Fixed Bridge offers the fine tuning necessary for subterranean lows and is set back 3 mm to provide added string tension at drop tunings. Example, mine is set up currently in Drop A#, with no buzz, running 10 gauge strings. This is imperative for keeping tension on the 24 3/4" scale length.


This guitar balances perfectly at any height I have tried it. The deep cutaways allow for effortless access to upper frets. Caparison necks are extremely fast, and the pro finish does not gum up on the back of the neck during heavy play. This finish is supposed to enhance the Low-mid proprieties of the guitar, and certainly seems to do just that!


Caparison Pickups are re-knowned for being slightly muddy, with a lot of low-end and not enough top-end clarity. This is a matter of opinion. I have tested this guitar through the following Amplifiers; Soldano SLO, Mesa-Boogie Dual Rectifier, Peavey Ultra 120, Peavey XXX, and a Rocktron Vendetta. The guitar's tone holds true despite the amplifier. High gain is where this guitar shines. I play very heavy music ranging typically from melodic hardrock to progressive metal and this guitar stands up to everything I throw at it. I even had it set up in Standard E and filled in with a local pop-punk band and it held up extremely well.


Caparison's craftsmanship is utterly flawless. This guitar is in a category of beauty all of it's own. I have played nearly every guitar you could name, and still probably own over 100, and the Angelus has become my main axe. Words can not express how well this guitar shines in any genre of music. This axe is definitely worth a look if you are a rocker that wants a PRS Private Stock. I love it and give it two thumbs up! Great value for the price, heck of a lot of guitar, and half the price of a PRS Private stock! I recommend pickup replacement, but that is a matter of opinion.