Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano
Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano

Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano, 電子ピアノ from Fender in the Rhodes series.

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songboy 02/01/2009

Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano : songboy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I am writing this review in regards to a Fender Mark 1 series stage piano (1972-79, 88 keys suitcase). I purchased the Rhodes in 2003 used (of course) and at that time, I was just gaining interest in pianos. I would say that I used it pretty regularly starting in 2004. What did I like most about it? THE TONE!! and the ability to alter it to your liking. Wow, its hard to imagine a style of music that wouldn't benefit from this instrument. You actually have a LOT of room for adjustment when it comes to tone. I setup mine to sound slightly plunky (very slight) with a very mellow, warm overall tone. I was going for the Chick Corea "sound," just slightly less bell sounding. Another great thing about this instrument is the basic simplicity of its innards. I am not a trained professional when it comes to working on equipment, but with a Rhodes you don't have to be. At least not for most things. Its like working on an old 350 engine, everything is just laid out for you. I was able to replace broken tines, adjust the tone, adjust the individual pickups for a good volume blend across the board, and fix/replace various small parts all on my own. The only thing I would leave up to the pros is replacing/soldering pickups, but that has never been necessary, they all work great. As for things I do not like? Well, I am having a small problem with my sustain pedal knocking off the damper bar, but I think thats fixed. The sustain pedal will also move on you if you don't secure it well. When that happens, you lose the ability to sustain which really bites when performing live. I have become good at adjusting it mid solo/section quickly but Watch You Head!! haha. Now the real bummer about this instrument..... IT WEIGHS A TON!! Do not try to move it on your own. You will either hurt yourself or the rhodes. I lugged it up the stairs by myself one time an nearly yanked my arm out. If you are a solo musician, get a friend/roadie to join you if you plan on touring. If you are in a band, make sure the band mates understand that it won't show up to a gig without one of there help.
As for price and value, if you are good a finding bargains, you might find a sweet deal on one of these. I got mine for $250 in great condition but don't hold your breath for a deal that good, it was really lucky. Good condition ones can range from $750 to $1000+, but, if you know how to work a few basic tools (screwdriver, ratchet set) and you aren't afraid to "tinker," a Rhodes in good/ok condition can be turned into a gem. As far as I know, replacement parts are still made. I also believe Fender might make Tines still.
This is one of the greatest instruments ever made in my opinion. The sound coming out of a Fender Twin amp, well, it just doesn't get much better for me.