Zoom GFX-8
Zoom GFX-8

GFX-8, エレクトリックギター用マルチエフェクター from Zoom in the GFX series.

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mertztilithurts 06/11/2013

Zoom GFX-8 : mertztilithurts のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The available fx are for the most part amazing and sound great.


The setup is a little complicated until you get the hang of it. I thought the manual was hard to understand at first so I kind of 'learned by doing'. Once you have a feel for the way it works, it is rather easy to edit the parameters of the effects. I created several patches to use with my band that sounded great.


My electric guitar is a Gibson SG gothic (which now is only offered by Epiphone, I believe), which I also bought in 2000. With the GFX8 I got some amazing sounds from that guitar but after about six or seven years of use (not all that many gigs but a lot of practicing) I ran into a big problem. (see overall opinion)


The one huge negative I found with the GFX8 was the plastic switches. They break! They rock on a strip of plastic at the top end and after years of use the plastic wears out. The plastic footswitch part is then loose. Sometimes you can get it to work but if you are in a gig situation you don't want to be messing around. It has to work properly or your song may be ruined. As of 2013 my GFX8 has only two unbroken switches: 'bank up' and '2', rendering the board unusable until and unless I can get it repaired. In the meantime I bought the newer (and more roadworthy) Zoom G3X.