Boss ME-50
Boss ME-50

ME-50, エレクトリックギター用マルチエフェクター from Boss in the ME series.

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songboy 03/23/2010

Boss ME-50 : songboy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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There are a lot of effects on this unit such as Delay, reverb, Ring modulation, tremelo, distortion, compression, vibrato, volume, etc...... No, this unit cannot be edited through a computer. It is not rackable as it is designed to be used on the floor. It is a combination of Digital and Analog effects. As for connections you get two inputs (1/4" and mini) a stereo pair of outputs and a phones/alt output jack.


The effects editing is fairly simple but of course not as simple as having all the effects you need in separate, easy to control stomp boxes. It can get pretty hairy trying to tweak effects on the fly being that there is a ton of options/effects in this one unit. For live use, the configuration is not all that great. You have to be able to read the words on the unit if you are not completely proficient with it so I suggest setting it up ahead of time and just moving through your presets live. Yes, the manual is clear enough and can help you solve any problem you might come acrossed.


I used this for my guitar and my Fender Rhodes. The sound quality was perfectly fine for live use (never used it in the studio). I loved using this on the rhodes mainly because you can't really see below the rhodes when you are playing and having a bunch of effects underneath can be hard to use. Using the ME 50, I just set up the presets to what I needed and could change between them at a push of a button while performing.


My favorite effect on this unit was the ring modulator. I had never owned one or used one before so it was a lot of fun when I got this unit. Since then I have sold this unit and bought a host of high end effects to replace it including the MoogerFooger Ring Mod which is much better in the way sound quality. Mainly though, this was a great unit to start off with being that you could have all the effects you need for an affordable price. I didn't really dislike anything about this unit but I did end up getting rid of it after I bought some excellent replacements. I give it a 8 out of 10 for sound quality. It was good, but there is much better out there. I owned a Pod 2.0 before this and I liked the ME 50 much more. For beginners or people who just need a lot of effects that doesn't take up a lot of space, the Boss ME50 is ideal. I would definitely buy it again if I were in that same boat.