Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2
Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2
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smoothsoundsofsantana 12/02/2012

Alesis Quadraverb Q2 V2 : smoothsoundsofsantana のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Alesis Q2 thru Marshall JMP1"

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That's the rig I've used for about 17 years now, a Q2 in the effects loop of a Marshall JMP-1 preamp. Great, lush sounds, if properly adjusted. Convenient when you can run up to 8 effects at once! Saves space on the floor. No compression, though. Mine is experiencing problems with the display, which is affecting the audio signal. I'm waiting now for the replacement to come in the mail.


Easy to use, but many choices as it should be. All parameters are flexible. So keep the reference materials handy.


Great with 16 bit processor. I understand, however, that they made a Q20 which is exactly the same, but with a 20 bit processor. Love the sounds. Keep your reference materials handy.


Only complaint is NO COMPRESSION. It's like any other effect. It may be used very seldom, or in small amounts, but should be in your arsenal. I wish they still made the Q2 new. Or the Q20 for that matter.