Music Man S.U.B. 4
Music Man S.U.B. 4

S.U.B. 4, 4-string bass guitar from Music Man.

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rains_en 02/06/2009

Music Man S.U.B. 4 : rains_en のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The MusicMan Sub is not a stingray, but it doesnt disappoint. It is American made, which is supposed to foster quality and reliability. The Sub is great. It is pretty standard as far as basses go. It has a volume, a gain, and a tone knob. These three knobs, combined with the single humbucker style pickup are just enough to allow you to get any sound you want, whether it be smooth jazz or dirty rock. It has a bolt on neck, but it's fine.


The neck has a nice feel, it is neither too wide nor too thin. It tapers from the body to the headstock. An there is plenty of room to stretch to the high notes on the last frets. The stingray style design is nice, and the diamond-plate, oval pick guard is very unique. There is no thumb rest, but i dont see why one couldnt be added if need be. It isn't very hard to get a nice sound out of it, but since it's active, you have to rely on battery life. It would be neat if there was a meter for the battery so the bass doesn't go out in the middle of a show.


I think any bassist would be comfortable with this bass. Of course, the design is more rugged than a jazz bass, but it delivers whatever you ask for. I use it with a trace elliot gp7 and I couldnt be happier with such a combination. The gain control allows you to smooth out the tone as much as you want to get that slippery jazz styling, but cranking the gain is great for les claypool slaps. You can tell when the battery is dying because suddenly the bass starts sounding distorted, which is pretty cool actually.


I've been using this bass for about 4 years, and it's been a joy since. I have had to replace the circuit board in it once but I use it quite excessively, so I'll take the blame for that one. This bass was conveniently priced and exceptionally versatile compared to basses in the same price range. The neck is smooth, the tone is great. The action is easily adjusted. I like having the truss adjustment on the face off the bass, at the bottom of the neck, It helps you keep in mind the possibility you may need to adjust. I would definitely make the same choice in buying this bass, it was well worth the price... and Im happy to have it.