Hohner B2B
Hohner B2B
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mrhockey 03/21/2009

Hohner B2B : mrhockey のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This headless electric 4-string solid body bass is made in Korea. The body and neck are maple. The neck is bolt-on, 24 frets, with a rosewood finger board. It has two EMG Select pickups in the passive, P/J configuration. The bridge is a patented Steinberger. The controls consist of volume for each pickup, and one for overall tone.


The headless design allows for easy access to all the frets, and is lightweight and uncumbersome on stage. The neck has a rounded, confortable feel. The sound achieved overall is like many active pickup basses. The front pickup soloed gives that Precision Bass thump, which can be gradually mixed with the bridge picup to get a more trebly tone. Soloing the J pickup by the bridge allows for an almost classic nasally fretless tone.


I have use this bass with a variety of bands involved with hard rock, country-rock, Christian worship and gospel. It is very versatile and great fun to play on stage without the weight or danger of hitting the neck on stage obstacles like mike stands and other players!

I use a Carvin 1200 watt bass head with various speaker cabinet configurations like a 1 15" or 2 10", or both in tandem. I use various pedals to embellish the sound like my Sonic Maximizer, but these are really not needed at all with this bass.


To be frank, when I purchased this bass, I was looking for a light, easy to carry, practice bass. What I have found instead is a great bass that fulfilled my desires and then some as it really has taken over to be my mainstay bass on gigs! This is truly one of the biggest kept secrets on the bass market as per the price, value, quality and sound. I recommend this bass highly. It had presented me to the whole new world of headless basses which I continue to explore today.