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badgerific 03/24/2011

Hohner B2A : badgerific のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Great practice bass"

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-Maple neck with rosewood fretboard

-Neck through construction with maple wings

-24 frets

-Two (Licensed EMG copy) humbucker pick-ups

-Active pre-amp

-Controls are: neck volume, bridge volume, stacked bass and treble cut/boost and active/passive toggle switch


I bought this bass to use as a practice bass because it's small to use for band practices as I was tired of carrying a large hard case with my fender in. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was to play considering the amount that I spent on it. The thin jazz bass style neck is easy to navigate and the gloss finish is smooth and doesn't impinge on playability. I bought it with the active electronics removed with a passive tone control in place of the bass/treble pot so I can't really comment on the tone or function of the active section of the circuit but I find the sound of this instrument hard to dial in a good tone with.


I use this bass with my Ashdown MAG300 combo and a laney RB9 head and cab at band practices and rely heavily on the amplifiers tone stacks to provide a tone which I like while using this bass. The only setting on the knobs on the bass that I like is with all the knobs set to maximum. Anything else provides a really weak sounding tone, dialing back on the bridge volume or tone knob makes the sound really muddy. Dialing back on the neck pick up the sound looses it's fullness and begins to produce a honk to the sound.

As I said before the active portion of the electronics was removed by the previous owner so I can't really comment on that but I'd imagine that it makes the bass much more versatile and useable.


The thing I like most about this bass is it's size and practicality for traveling to band practices by walking or on the bus, this bass will never be my main bass though.

My least favorite thing about this bass is the sound, I'll never use it for gigging or recording as my Fender jazz bass is much more versatile and sounds much better to my ears.

I think if I payed any more than I did for this bass then I definitely would of been disappointed but as it stands I'm fairly pleased with the bass as it's easy to carry about and nice to play.