El Degas P-Bass
El Degas P-Bass

P-Bass, 4-string bass guitar from El Degas.

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moosers 10/26/2011

El Degas P-Bass : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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El Degas' version of the P-Bass (Precision Bass) is a nice one. This is clearly a copy, but I don't believe it has Precision Bass anywhere on it, although it doesn't have anything to identify it other than the brand name. I don't know where these basses were made and really don't know anything about El Degas in general. It's got two pick ups with a switch and a single tone and volume knob.


The El Degas P-Bass has a fantastic feel to it, or at least the one that I've played does. The strings are super close to neck and it's easy to navigate throughout the length of it. It's much like a Fender P-Bass in terms of feel, although the sound is different. Getting a good sound isn't too hard as between the two pick ups you should be able to dial in a satisfactory sound.


While not up to the level of a real American made Fender Precision Bass, the El Degas P-Bass is still a nice sounding bass. It reminds me of something in between and Jazz bass and P-Bass, as it doesn't quite have the same punchiness that you'll get with a true P-Bass. Still, if you're on the bridge pick up it's still possible to get close to the P-Bass. I've mostly used the bass for recording DI, but it sounds good through an amp as well if you're looking for some heavier sounding bass tones in the studio.


While rare, the El Degas P-Bass can be a nice find if you're looking to roll the dice a little bit with a cheaper version of the P-Bass. It's a great sounding instrument but it's not up to par with a nice Fender P-Bass in my opinion. That said, you should be able to get your hands on it for a fraction of the cost if you can find one, which will be tricky as there doesn't seem to be many of them out there. I personally wouldn't hesitate to grab this bass if I found it at the price it normally seems to go for...