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mooseherman 01/12/2011

Inovonics 201 : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is a vintage compressor/limiter. It has standard XLR connections. I don't know of many people who've used this compressor except for one guy I worked with at his studio, and he swears by it. I heard the results and I must say it is quite excellent. It is an analog solid state compressor. It cannot be edited through a Mac or PC. It is rackable like most of these types of units are, and it takes one rack space.


I haven't used a manual for this piece of gear so I don't know how informative it is. I do know that this is one piece of gear that took me a little bit to figure out. It has controls for input gain, average limit, peak ceiling, attack and release. There is also a switch that goes from average limit to peak ceiling, which gives you a few more options.


I really think this thing sounds great. I would say in general, even though it says compressor/limiter, it really should only be used as a limiter as the parameters aren't really set up for regular compression. However, I would say that this is a fantastic piece of gear overall. It's great at flattening out individual tracks or entire mixes. It works great on vocals as well as guitars, harmonicas, and plenty of other things. However, if I'm working on something that isn't going to be mastered, I think that this is a great option for limiting it instead. That's definitely the best use i've found for it at least.


While this isn't the best limiter I've used, I do like it a lot. I haven't encountered many pieces of gear with these types of controls, at least the names are new to me, but I quickly got used to it. I think that this is a pretty expensive piece of gear, and as such, I would probably only get it if I was a studio owner. My colleauge who showed it to me owns his own studio and he benefits from it greatly, but I couldn't use it at home because my system isn't good enough. So make sure your other equipment is good enough to handle all of this. All in all this is a great piece of gear.