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joshsound 10/07/2008

Shure PG48 : joshsound のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This is Shure's "budget" live vocal mic. As the very low price implies, this is not really a terribly good mic. It does have a couple of nice features though. First, the frequency response is definitely lacking. There is a serious boost in the presence range that makes the entire signal sound very honky and edgy. I guess you could say that that will make the signal really cut through a loud rock band and make it hard to ignore, but at the same time it's just not going to sound very good. That does have the benefit however of reducing the apparent loudness of the lows and the low mids. That is going to help cut back on any rumble or hum in the lines. Of course, that also means that you won't get anything resembling a warm, pleasant vocal tone. The mic doesn't need any power since it's a moving coil type. It comes pre-equipped with a grill and mesh windscreen to help reduce p and b popping. It's a cardioid pickup pattern too, so you won't get much of the other instruments on stage coming in through this mic. It has an on/off switch on the handle, which is definitely useful if you want to temporarily turn off your mic without having to make hand signals to your sound engineer. You definitely don't want to use this mic in the studio because it doesn't sound very good.


I picked one of these up a while ago from a music store when I realized I'd forgotten to bring my other vocal mic to a gig. I just wanted something cheap and functional. It does get the job done and at a very low price, but if you care about sound quality at all, you really aren't going to be happy with this mic on the most important element in your music, your singer. Is it a good value? Maybe, if you are really short on cash. Would I get it again? Nope.