Sennheiser e 902

Sennheiser e 902

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e 902, ダイナミックマイク from Sennheiser in the evolution 900 series.

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Sennheiser e 902 tech. sheet

  • Fabricant : Sennheiser
  • Modèle : e 902
  • Série : evolution 900
  • Catégorie : ダイナミックマイク
  • Fiche créée le : 02/21/2005

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ユーザーレビュー Sennheiser e 902

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joshsound のレビュー (content in English)

Sennheiser e 902
The e902 is a kick drum and bass amp mic. You could also use it for any other low frequency rich sources and likely have good results. I have also used this as one of two mics on a cello, and got a really great sound for a very sparse mix. The mic's frequency response definitely seems to be made to accent a kick drum. The transient on this large diaphragm dynamic mic is surprisingly fast, which is great news for drums, because you can get a deep, beefy sound without sacrificing punch. I also once strapped this to a small diaphragm condenser and used the combo on a floor tom, with very nice results. You'll have to phase align the resulting signals, but it's a great way to get a crisp top end with a huge bottom on a floor tom. The low-end on this mic is definitely hyped, but it tends to not be a problem because most people are going to EQ boost the same area anyway, so this just means you'll have to boost a little less later on in the process.


There are a lot of kick mics out there, and this one definitely holds its own even though it's a lesser known competitor. This is at about the same price point as the AKG D112, and I will say that I do think the AKG is a better mic overall, even though you will find some situations for which this Sennheiser can do a better job. If it's your first kick mic, I would say spend the extra $50 on a D112, but if you are just expanding your selection then you definitely won't really be disappointed with this mic. All around a pretty solid kick and bass mic. I recommend it.
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匿名 のレビュー (content in English)

Sennheiser e 902
The Sennheiser E 902 is supposed to be Sennheiser's successor to the very nice and interesting E 602. The E 902 is intended primarily for use with a kick drum, although Sennheiser advertises it, like the E 602 as a "bass instrument" microphone. I am quite sure that it will work well on bass cabinets, but it was not an application that I got around to testing it on. This review will, consequentially, cover their use on kick drums.

The Sennheiser E 902 is a dynamic microphone specifically designed to be used with bass instruments, so it will get utilized mostly on kick drums. It has a cardioid pick up pattern, which is nice, because if it gets placed in the hole of a kick drum, it will pick up some of the boominess in the kick. It has a bass-heavy frequency response from 20 Hz all the way to a respectably high 18,000 Hz.

The E 902 has a stand mount built right onto the microphone, and this resulted in considerably less hassle in setting it up inside of the hole. This mechanism is a markedly noticeable improvement over the E 602.

In my review of the E 602 II, I mentioned how the E 602 II seems to magically fix low end kick drums that had a tendency to sound boxy. In keeping true with the fact that it is a higher end microphone, the E 902 does not have this compensation built into the curve. The E 902 will make a good kick sound good, and a bad kick will continue to sound bad, so it is not a magical solution to a bad kick like the E 602 seemed to be. This particular microphone from Sennheiser tends to be very clean, very honest about the sound it imparts.


I like the E 902 more than the E 602, but they are differently colored. The E 902 is not designed to compensate for any bad bass signals like the E 602 is not only engineered to do, but is also advertised to do. Do your research before you buy anything, and you'll have a great kick in no time!

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  • Sennheiser e 902
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  • Sennheiser e 902

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