Audix i5 - Black
Audix i5 - Black

i5 - Black, ダイナミックマイク from Audix belonging to the i5 model.

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mooseherman 06/09/2009

Audix i5 - Black : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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aThis dynamic mic is great for studio use. I believe it could be used in a live setting, but it's increased bass and mid response might not be as advantageous in a live setting. It's got a cardioid polar pattern and a maximum SPL of 140db. It's pretty durable and very useful for a variety of things. 


I definitely like the fact that this mic has a great bass response. Sometimes with dynamic mics, the bass response is weak, or it can't handle the really low frequencies. This mic doesn't have that problem. It's great for recording electric guitars, specifically coming out of cabinets that have a massive low end (metal/hardcore are the most obvious genres that tend to have guitar sounds like this). I tried using it on drums, and I feel like it was too bass-y; the high end of the snare was all but lost. I had better luck with using it on toms and a kick drum, though the effect was certainly different than my go to tom mics, the Sennheiser MD421s. I've heard that people have had success using it on vocals; the increased bass response leads me to believe that it would benefit a singer with a shrill voice that needs more oomph! I tried it on my trombone and it was one of my favorite horn sounds, great for funky brass works that require a tough low end. The mid response is also great on this mic. The main downside is that this mic doesn't have the shimmering high end that some dynamic mics possess, but the mic isn't designed for that anyway. It's versatile enough to be pretty useful in the studio. If you've got the (in my opinion) obligatory SM57s and MD421s, this is a good place to expand your dynamic mic collection. I think the price isn't too bad; it usually goes for around $100 or less. I would definitely recommend it, but there are better dynamic mics to start with. After you get those, this is a good addition.