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JimboSpins 09/25/2012

Audix OM7 : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Best in its class"

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The OM7 comes with a carrying pouch and a clip, it is well built and has a good finish to it that will make it hard to scratch or scuff. The Audix OM7 is a great live microphone, it is very natural and warm sounding while keeping the external noise at bay. The OM7 was made to be more for a singer, but it can be used for a DJ as well. You can turn this baby up to the max and don’t have to worry about any feedback, which is crucial in a live setting where there are so many other things going on. I have owned this microphone for about two years now and it has been a gem to me. I have used it on tons of different occasions and in different settings and it sounds amazing with no feedback! This microphone has become the main microphone that I recommend to vocal list now and with groups that I DJ for now use the OM7. The Audix OM7 is by far the best vocal microphone for this price range that you will find.


You can not go wrong with the Audix OM7 vocal microphone. If you are in a live setting and want a microphone that you can crank up and keep feedback out of the picture then this one is for you. Or even if you are a strong voiced person and have a softer voice or make a different type of music. It will still bring your vocals through crystal clear and warm. I am very happy that I have purchased this microphone a while back and I will continue to use it as one of my main microphones. I will be purchasing another one of these in the near future.