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JimboSpins 09/26/2012

AKG D5 : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"EQ boosting"

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The AKG D5 is a vocal microphone that can be used for our lead and backing vocals. It does a great job of not picking up much external noise from the rear and sides of the microphone. It is a super cardioid microphone with a frequency range of -70Hz to 20kHz. If you have a softer voice you wont have to worry about it with using the D5, it will still bring your voice to the for front with just a little EQ boosting when you mix and master your final track. If you have a deeper toned voice this is where the microphone could use some work, it will really over due your low tone and can make it muddy if you are not careful. It works so much better if you have a “lighter” voice or a female voice it sounds amazing. For the price of the D5 you really can not expect to get a better quality, most of its competitors will charge you almost double what the D5 cost to get the same level of quality. I have only used this microphone for recording purposes and never seen it used live.


My favorite part of the D5 is for the songs or vocals that are not punchy and are more mellow, it will still bring your voice out very clear (with a little EQ boost). But like I said it does need some work on a male voice that is deeper, you will have to do some cutting of the low frequencies in order for it to be clean. The value of this microphone is great for the price which is less than 100 dollars now. I have used a ton of microphones that are use for voice and this one does not stand out, but it doesn’t sound bad either. It is ok, if you only have about 100 dollars to spend for a vocal microphone for your home set up. This one should do the trick with no problems.