D 12 VR, ダイナミックマイク from AKG in the D 12 series.

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sw80 11/19/2012

AKG D 12 VR : sw80 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Studio or Live and still get punchy bass"

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The AKG D12 VR is the most recent microphone that I have had a chance to use. It is brand new and has not been out for that long. It has 3 filter modes built into it and it is the perfect microphone for kick drums. If you like your kick to have a big hard hitting sound and still be recorded clean then this is the microphone to get. You can use this microphone in the studio or on stage and it will sound great either way.


The huge plus to this microphone is the 3 filter modes, one of them will add some more fullness and low end to your kick, another one will give you some cutting of mid range frequencies will the 3rd one is more for high end boost. You will have the only kick drum microphone you will ever need with the AKG D12.
The AKG D12 VR is built to last you a long time, though I have only used it twice so far. I must say that I am really impressed with what AKG did with this microphone all while still making it affordable for the home musicians.
The D12 VR is an active dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. The frequency range is 17 Hz to 17 kHz. It is by far the best kick drum microphone in this price range, I have heard a ton of kick microphones and none of them in this price range can even come close to what the D12 can do mainly because of the filters. If you are looking for full bass tones, and a punchy sound than the D12 VR will do it for you with no problem. After recording with this microphone I could see in the EQ in Pro Tools how punchy and warm it really was. We did not have to cut or pull back any frequencies, we really didn’t even have to EQ it at all. It was ready to cut through the mix as is.