Crown CE 2000
Crown CE 2000
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Mattfig 06/23/2012

Crown CE 2000 : Mattfig のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Nice power amp"

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This thing is easy to use, easy to hook up, easy to maintain and, above all, sounds great...If you are a DJ or using a PA for vocals or acoustic instruments, this power amp is for you....I don't really like it with guitar or instrument based gear but it's not made for that anyway....

The value is great...The Crown name is a good one and this product is no exception...IT has a lot of good clean power and produces a nice full sound perfect for any PA application...

There is little to no noise...The sound quality is fabulous all the way through high SPLs...I own many other power amps and this one fits right in with some bigger named amps...It's fated now but still terrific....I use it mainly to pus live vocals and it pushes plenty...

I would buy another if this one ate it...It's worth the money and has been reliable for years and years...Never given me an ounce of issue...It's not the lightest piece of gear but it's much lighter than a tube rig- I can tell ya that...

This power amp is very nice for the money and gives you exactly what you put in...Couple it with good speakers or you'll have sub-standard results...Good speakers are a must with any good power amp...

This is true stereo or bridged mono...Very loud....Speakon connections for speakers is a must as well...

Nothing bad to say about this product...Never had to call customer service or even read the manual....