Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series
Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series

Accent CS Series, ドラムセット from Ludwig Drums in the Accent series.

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sanjuro 11/29/2009

Ludwig Drums Accent CS Series : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Ludwig Accent is a decent entry level kit.  Ludwig is one of the most notable drum companies with a strong track record of great kits and famous drummers who played them.  It is safe to say that they will never put out a bad product.  That being said, the Ludwig Accent is most definitely one of their lower end products.  An extremely common kit, I have played on multiple Accent setups with the stock hardware.  In my opinion, this drum kit has a good value.  There are some entry level kits that are better, such as the Yamaha Rydeen or the Gretsch Catalina Birch, but there are others that are a lot worse.

There are different sizes this kit is offered in, but in general I feel like the toms and bass drum are large.  Even the snare drum is a few inches deeper than most entry level snares.  Some people may find this appealing, but I think it is a little overambitious.  The sheer size makes this kit slightly less versatile and the toms are more difficult to tune.  The drums do produce an excellent volume, as well as having characteristics best suited to rock music.  The juniper and mahogany shells are pretty deep and have decently warm character.  The tom mounts and lugs were typical low end material, not good but not bad.

The hi hat stand, bass drum pedal and cymbal stand that come with the kid are decent.  The bass drum pedal especially is pretty comfortable and responsive, though I have a soft spot for low end pedals.  The cymbal stands are adequate but could be sturdier. 

Of course, it is difficult to be critical of an entry level drumkit such as this.  The Ludwig Accent does not disappoint.  It is not my favorite, but it is still very good and it offers an excellent value.  To a great extent, it is all up to personal preference.  People who invest in the Ludwig Accent will not regret it.