Gms Grand Master Drum Kit
Gms Grand Master Drum Kit

Grand Master Drum Kit, ドラムセット from Gms.

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moosers 11/12/2010

Gms Grand Master Drum Kit : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The GMS Grand Master seems to be a little known drum kit suitable for all purposes. I don't know if there are different versions of this kit or not, but the one that I have recorded with was a 5 piece maple kit. A few month ago I started recording my next album and we recorded most of the drums on the record with this drum kit. I didn't play drums on the album as I'm not a drummer, but of course being that they are my songs and I was producing and engineering, wanted to make sure that everything sounded perfect as far as drum sounds go. While it wasn't necessarily easy to get good sounds, as it never is, it was definitely a lot easier using this drum kit than it would have been. They're some of the tightest sounding drums that I've heard to date, as the tom tom drums on these are absolutely huge in both size and sound. The rest of the kit sounds just as good, although we switched the snare in and out with a variety of others. The kit is definitely a rock kit, as it's got that super huge sound that wouldn't really be appropriate for many genres outside of rock. I don't know where or how you would go about getting the GMS Grand Master kit, as they definitely don't seem to be too readily available, or at least not as much as other kits out there. I do know however, that the price of this drum set is quite a lot of money and can probably only be afforded by professional and other really serious players. For this reason I'd say it's best suited as a house drum set as it was for the studio I recorded at, unless of course you're a pro. Overall, the GMS Grand Master is one of the best drum sets I've used for recording and is definitely the least known of the bunch...