Vater Hickory 5A
Vater Hickory 5A

Hickory 5A, Drum Stick from Vater.

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moosers 03/19/2011

Vater Hickory 5A : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Vater's Hickory 5A drum sticks are multi purpose sticks for drumming of all kinds. I'm primarily not a drummer, but do play a bit and as an engineer most of what I do is recording drums. I work often with a session drummer who has an endorsement from Vater and as a result primarily uses these sticks. I've messed around with them a bunch myself but don't own a pair of them. In general I like to use 5A sticks for myself as I feel most comfortable playing with them due to their size. Vater also has these Hickory made sticks as 5B's, so you get to choose your poison there if you're not into 5A's. In my brief periods using the Vater Hickory 5A's, I've really enjoyed them as I find them to feel good in your hands and quite easy to play with. You'll be able to get the same sound from them as you would any other set of 5A drum sets as they're as well made as just about any set of 5A sticks will be. Every drummer should have a set of 5A sticks even if they're not your favorite as they're a pretty universal size and you never know when you might want a difference sort of sound. I don't know all that much about Vater, but these sticks will do the job for drummers more times than not. At a certain point when you're dealing with sticks of the same size, it just comes down to personal preference and price. These Vaters do fall right in line with the price of other drum sticks of their kind, so they're certainly worth considering in your journey to find the right pair of drum sticks for yourself. While I'm not as experienced with feel when it comes to all kinds of drum sticks, I do believe these are worth trying.