Remo Peau Pinstripe 12"
Remo Peau Pinstripe 12"

Peau Pinstripe 12", Drum Head from Remo in the Pinstripe series.

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FateFelledVictim 10/13/2008

Remo Peau Pinstripe 12" : FateFelledVictim のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I have used the Remo Pinstripes before I started using Evans. These heads look good and sound moderately good. They are inexpensive in a pack deal and are very widely used. I used the Ebony Pinstripes before these, and these are loads better, as the Ebony Pinstripe are the worst heads I’ve ever used. I used these heads unruffled for a while, then out of a whim used the Remo muff rings. I had issues with the sound after, so I took them off. I was using a Pearl Export set at the time, which s not a horrible set, although not the best. The sad part is that these heads aren’t the cheapest heads; they are expensive.

The toms would also come undone at random intervals, making playing with tuned heads nearly impossible. I later bought a whole set of Evans EC2’s, and there was a huge difference. The drums stayed in tune longer and sounded clearer than with the Remo heads. The Remo heads are widely used, but they also are debatable on their quality. I have known many drummers who wont use Remo heads, I know drummers who only use them on their snares, and I know those who swear by them, it is all a matter of opinion.

My main complaint with the Remo Pinstripes are that they are not durable at all. I ruined mine in about 2 weeks. I also played in 3 bands at the time, but they still should have lasted longer than that. The sound also didn’t suit me at all. They sounded like a First Act drum set, and the muff rings made it worse. I now use all Evans heads except my snare, which is a Black Suede Ambassador by Remo, and an Aquarian Superkick 2 on my kick drum and that set is absolutely amazing. If I could make the choice again, I would probably go with Evans for the toms knowing what I know now.