Remo ambassador
Remo ambassador

ambassador, Drum Head from Remo in the Ambassador series.

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FateFelledVictim 10/07/2008

Remo ambassador : FateFelledVictim のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I used all Remo heads when I first started playing drums, and eventually switch to mixture of Remo Black Suede on my snare, Aquarian Superkick 2 on my kick, and Evans EC2s or G2s on my toms, and this setup sounds way better. The Remo heads are amazing for snares and good with kick drums, but lack in the toms. They always come out sounding dead and dull. The Ambassador series makes a very good snare head.

The Ambassadors are easily tuned, look great, and have a great tone for any style of music. They offer a great tone and clear resonance, unlike the Attack snare heads I used. The Ambassadors sound good on just about any snare drum on the market, and are very flexible. The Ambassadors also make a good resonate head for the toms.

The main issue with the Remo Ambassadors is that the batter coating wears off and the drum loses a lot of its tone, and the drum is basically impossible to keep in tune after it gets really beat up. These heads have a magic coating which makes them sound good and stay durable on your snare, but once that wears off the drum becomes unworkable and you have to buy a new head.

These are some of the better snare heads on the market, but there are others that sound as good if not better. I prefer the Black Suede Ambassador heads by Remo for their dark, smoky tone, but Evans Power Centers are good as well. Overall, I would probably buy these if not the others I mentioned, hey are good heads. The others mentioned, however, hold there tone for a much longer time than the Ambassadors. The Black Suede is very durable and has a better tone than the other form of Ambassadors.