Remo ambassador
Remo ambassador

ambassador, Drum Head from Remo in the Ambassador series.

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sanjuro 12/01/2009

Remo ambassador : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Remo Ambassador drum heads are a real indistry standard.  These were the first head replacements I purchased to repace the stock heads that came with my first kit, and it was an amazing improvement.  To be honest, people tend to underappreciate the musical qualities of drumheads because it is so common to use excessive muffling.  It also seems like drum tuning (actual tuning, notas tight as possible then muffled up) is hard to find.  When ambassadors are tuned correctly, they sound amazing for almost all genres of music.

These Remo heads are more resistant to dents than other Aquarian or Evans heads in my experience.  Denting often only occurs through improper technique, but still the Ambassadors are durable in this way.  Their coating is very rough out of the box.  If using brushes on a fresh head, there is a lot of extra friction.  After a few hours, this is mostly worn down and comfortable.  After a few months of play, a good portion of the coating will wear off and it will be necessary to replace the head.  The Remo's wear out more quickly than Evans heads, but I like the way their coating feels more.  Anyways, I usually replace my snare head every few months regardless of coating wear.

Like I said, these are good for all drums and all styles.  The one area which you may want to consider using a different head would be on the bass drum.  Ambassadors and other Remo heads are alright, but I really prefer thinker ply bass drum heads with a little more built in muffling.  Of course, this depends on the port hole or interior muffling arrangement.  I would recommend these heads to anyone who is looking to try a great set of heads that are as wide spread in use as they are diverse in application.