Evans Hydraulic
Evans Hydraulic

Hydraulic, Drum Head from Evans.

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BGugino 09/01/2008

Evans Hydraulic : BGugino のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Now even though I have never owned any of the Evens Hydraulic heads, I still feel obligated to write a review on them! After my good friends drum heads got worn down, decided to lean towards the Evens Hydraulic heads. He got them on his 12, 14 and 16 inch toms. We both actually really liked everything about these heads! So instead of doing a paragraph of good, paragraph of bad, there’s just going to be the good things!

First off, we really liked the look of the heads. The simplicity of the clear drum head with the “Evens” stamp really caught my eye. Very classy yet contemporary looking, I liked it a lot. It wasn’t too flashy with some dampening rings around it or anything; which brings me on to my next point; the openness of the heads. I really liked the fact that Evens achieved that “Fat” sound while not dampening the crap out of the head. Being that it is a 2-ply head with some of their oil in between the two; it has a very heavy, hard-hitting, fat sound to it. It’s great if you’re a hard hitter or even a fusion guy, these heads will produce the sounds you’ll always want to hear. After my friend owned these drum heads for close to 6 months they’re still in great condition; still producing great tones, no dents and barely any stick marks. The thing about Evens heads is that they don’t generally show too many stick marks, where some heads will have those diagonal white streaks across them.

Overall, these are a perfect 10 head. They have everything from the great looks, great sound, great condition and great brand; Evens. I would recommend these drum heads to any style of drummer at any level. I’ve seen all sorts of people using these heads from pros to beginners.