Trinity River Guitars TAAF

TAAF, ドレッドノート from Trinity River Guitars.

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moosers 08/06/2011

Trinity River Guitars TAAF : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Trinity River Guitars TAAF is a steel string dreadnought style acoustic guitar. It's not an acoustic/electric so it doesn't have any pick ups or controls. The guitar isn't made in the United States as far as I can tell, which is ironic as the guitar is finished with an American flag pattern.


Playing the Trinity River Guitars TAAF is fairly enjoyable as it's got a good feel, although far from the best possible. It does feel a bit cheap in your hands, but it does play well considering this. The sound is bright, but a good player can get a good sound from it, or at least the full potential of what the guitar has to offer.


I've been recording with the Trinity River Guitars TAAF a bunch at the home studio of a client where I often work. The sound of the guitar is extremely bright, but this ends up working okay for the pop/rock setting that we're using it in, as it cuts through mixes pretty well, especially when doubled up. It's certainly not the fullest or warmest sounding guitar, which is what I usually prefer for an acoustic, but it still sounds good for the sound it can get. There isn't going to be any tone control available here.


I was definitely surprised when I hopped on the internet and found out how much the Trinity River Guitars TAAF was, as it's incredibly cheap. I had been recording with it for a number of months and didn't think that it was such a low end guitar in terms of price. It does make a bit of sense as the guitar isn't the made with the best wood and definitely feels cheap, but it has a surprisingly good sound. I would personally go for something a bit more full sounding, but it's still a pretty good instrument considering the ridiculously low price.