Allen & Heath XD2-53
Allen & Heath XD2-53

XD2-53, DJ ヘッドフォン from Allen & Heath in the Xone series.

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stompboxjon 11/04/2012

Allen & Heath XD2-53 : stompboxjon のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Well made"

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The XD2-53 are a pair of closed back headphones that have 2.1 drivers. The earpieces can rotate for single ear monitoring and they can fold up. The XD2-53 are made by Allen and Heath, I have used a lot of products (mainly mixers and processors) made by Allen and Heath and everything they manufacture is made to last. These XD2-53 are the newest pair of headphones that I recently purchase and I got them a couple of days ago and when I took them out of the box the first thing that I noticed is they have a nice weight to them. They feel heavier than almost any other headphones that I have ever owned in the last 15 to 20 years. When I say heavier and weight I don’t mean like bulky, I man more like well built and made with solid materials. Also, they have a nice silver grayish finish on them and they are very comfortable. I have not worn them for more than 2 hours yet but I plan on using them a lot more in the weeks to come. They cost me 220 dollars originally but I had a online coupon through email and got them at 205.
Storing the XD2-53 is simple, just fold them up and put them away. These headphones are great to have for a situation where you are in a room that has a lot of other things going on in it with a lot of noise. When you put on the XD2-53 you will not hear anything that is going on in the room. It will just be you and the music. I use this to monitor with now in a local club that we perform at and crowd noise is not a factor with the XD2-53. So far I am happy with my purchase of the XD2-53 and look forward to spending more time with them.