Roland XP-50
Roland XP-50

XP-50, デジタルシンセ from Roland in the XP series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

Roland XP-50 : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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A 16 track midi sequencer is usually adequate for most situations. However the XP is best when used as a soundsource...or even a scratch pad that is sync'ed up to a more capable sequencer...whether that be one of many capable DAW/software program combo out today (Fruity Loops, Reason, Pro-Tools)or a hardware sequencer/sampler (MPC series, MV, even the slept on MC-909) One helpful feature is the RPS function, which allows you to trigger a created phrase on the fly at the touch of a key. With no sampler...this function is essential to creating "hybrid" sounding other words a track that sounds sample...and has many of the "chopped" feature of one ...but is actually a 100% original

$1,300.00 (back in the day)


Its a miracle I still have my eyes after 8 years of peeing a the tiny orange rectangular screen. To access many of other more complex features of the XP such as patch(sound)editing, track edit..etc involves many searches through various screens. The manual is your best friend....however it is a Roland advised

it is a tank....can go above ground, underground, on the road...wherever. users who have either been longtime users like myself or others who are picking up one from somewhere else need to keep a careful eye on the ancient floppy disk drive for perfornamce however.


The XP-50 has many good stock sounds right out the box for professional/aspiring composers, media scorers, and techno/ambiant/rave sound designers.. ah yes well that's nice. BUT, what about the aspiring beatmaker..or the grizzled pro?? If you be patient with the somehat unforgiving learning can craft out stunning compositions without having to reach to any other piece of gear(and thanks to current situation..I know that as well as anybody, these days. EFX processors, diffrent sets of filters and amplifiers allow you to customize your own sound.


I started from the instrumental side of music first then graduated to beatmaking. So I have yet to purchase those celebrated pieces of gear your 'favorite' producer has..(MPC, ASR-10,Motif....or my favorite..Fantom X7)this is my brainchild. Even when it is will be kept for sentiment for a long time

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