Roland AX-Synth
Roland AX-Synth

AX-Synth, デジタルシンセ from Roland.

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stompboxjon 12/03/2012

Roland AX-Synth : stompboxjon のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Made of plastic"

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The Ax synth by Roland is a true plug and play keyboard synth that is ready to go right out of the box. It has some really good features to use for fun and for live performances. You can connect it to your PC via USB connection. It can run off of batteries for up to 6 hours and comes with a AC adapter for wall plugs to provide power. The keys on the Ax synth feel very good compared to the other models of Ax from Roland. These keys have a nice weight to them and they are responsive.


You will not need to open up the manual to learn the functions of the Ax synth. It is easy to use and understand and more importantly it is fun. The design of the Ax synth looks great, but the quality of its framing is not well made. It does not seem like it could with stand a drop because it is made out of plastic instead of metal chassis or aluminum casting. So with it being made of plastic it can feel like a toy when you are playing. That has nothing to do with the sounds though, the sound do not sound “toy-ish” at all.


The sound are very good, there are not a lot of them compared to other full Roland keyboards but the ones that it comes with are all pretty good and useable. You can also tweak the sounds very easy with the knobs, and all of the tweaking will change the sound in real time right away. This makes for great live performances.


Ax synth comes with software, which I have never touched or even looked at. It is mainly for hooking your Ax to your PC but you do not need the software to do that. You can just plug it in and it will work fine because it is not driver software but more of an editor application.