Roland D-10
Roland D-10
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JimboSpins 12/10/2012

Roland D-10 : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"alot of work to get good sounds"

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The Roland D-10 is a synth that you can purchase in the keyboard form or in the rack module form. Either way you will get a great set of sounds to use, but if you purchase the rack module you will run into some editing options that are just too difficult to overlook. So the D-10 keyboard is the best way to go because it just gives you a little more control and makes it easy to achieve the sound you want to get out of it. There are only 8 effects on this synth, though I do wish there would be a lot more but this are still pretty good. This is an older keyboard, and most older boards do not come with a bunch of different drum kits like newer synths have. This keyboard only comes with 1 drum kit and it has a good amount of sound in it but they are not very good.


This 61 note keyboard is velocity sensitive and MIDI capable. When it comes to the sounds, they are great if you put in the work to make them great. Right out of the box you get some simple and dry sounding instruments. You will need to put some effects on them to give them some life and the bad part is that there are only 8 effects to choose from so you will feel a little limited.


These keyboards are cheap, but they are not worth the buy unless you are willing to put some work in on them.


If you are a preset kind of musician and don’t want to do a bunch of editing and tweaking then stay away from this board because that is all you will be doing and you will be wasting your money. You do not have to be a sound designer to work with this board, you will just have to be willing to add effects and teak every single sound to make it usable.