Casio CZ-1
Casio CZ-1

CZ-1, デジタルシンセ from Casio in the CZ series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

Casio CZ-1 : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I wish there were more modulation sources than just the vibrato. The vibrato is very editable and does alot to help fatten things up but an LFO or 2 would have made this a trully killer sound design engine. I love the big lush analog chorus. It can be pretty noisy though with some sounds. It would help if there were some parameters to change for the chorus besides just depth. Another 64 patch locations would be quite welcome too. Finding the memory cartridge has proved futile. I love all the 8 segment envelope generators. All of Casio's Pro instruments had them and they are the bomb. It's too bad other synth manufacturers didn't follow Casio's lead here. I haven't quite figured out the patch layering section but so far it makes for some killer combis.

Price paid: 76.00 USD


Casio's VZ and FZ series had big screens with graphic editing of the envelopes. This machine needs that big screen too! Otherwise editing really can't be easier. There is a button for EVERYTHING so you absolutely cannot get lost in the menus. I don't have the manual to help but I don't think it's necessary. Poke around for a few hours and you'll have it mastered. A data entry knob would have been nice though.


Sound is really suprisingly good. The Phase Distortion synthesis has this super funky vibe to it. Some waveforms get gritty at certain settings but sometimes this is just what you want. I've gotten some very interesting distorted guitar tones by using waves 6-8 in 1+1 mode with ring modulation. I love synths that can be programmed into overdrive. For a synth with no VCF it can be very colorful. A huge range of tones can be had by messing with the waves types and the wave envelope. Velocity can also be used for wave envelope level which allows you to create sounds with spectral dynamics. This is particularly good for clav and bass sounds where you want a very complicated sharp attack when played hard. The overall range of sounds is amazing once you get into tweaking the synth engine. It is suprisingly powerful. I've created some seriously brutal basses, giant synth leads that would make the biggest analog fanatic sit up in his seat. Conversly, you can create quite a variety of sweet digital sounds. This machine simply rocks for bells and metallic percussion. It does nice organs and pads but it's hard to get a convincing string sound. When you cross over to the dark-side it's simply a blast. Grinding, distorted, discordant sounds and wacked-out pitch sweeps are childsplay.


Just like all the other professional Casio synths, it weighs so damn much. Like it was carved from a block of lead. This machine gets loose screws from time to time just like my old Casio FZ-1 did. Keep em tight and it should last well into the next Ice Age.

I bought it very cheap on Ebay. I thought at the time that I might be spending too much - boy was I wrong!!! I'd happily pay 3 times the price for this instrument! It's a really good machine and the more you play it, the more it grows on you.

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Posted by: Somnium7 ( 6-, 2006)