Casio AP-200
Casio AP-200

AP-200, デジタルピアノ from Casio in the Celviano series.

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moosers 05/01/2009

Casio AP-200 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Casio AP-200 is a full sized, 88-key digital piano that has the look and feel of a real upright piano, but is all digital based. It has 11 different tones, including acoustic piano and other traditional keyboard instrument sounds. It has built in speakers as well as demo songs, a metronome, three standard piano pedals, and MIDI connections. It also has two headphone jacks and effects like reverb and chorus.


The action and feel of the Casio AP-200 is pretty realistic and the keyboard is overall very easy to play. The configuration couldn't be easier to understand as everything is laid out clearly and is easy to follow. Changing between sounds and effects is obviously easy and no one should have any problems using this piano at all. The manual for the Casio AP-200 is pretty complete, but it is easy enough to use that you definitely don't need one if you don't have it.


The sounds on the Casio AP-200 are very good, but at the same time I've definitely heard some other keyboards that have more realistic emulations. This being said, the Casio AP-200 can hold its own and is perfect for home use to practice and play on. Casio isn't known for their sound quality, but the AP-200 is one of their better products when it comes to this category and is much better than you might expect.


I've been using the Casio AP-200 for about a year and have found that it is really the perfect digital piano for home use. It has a realistic look and feel, with an adequate sound quality that makes it the perfect choice to add to your home. While it is too big for bringing to play shows with, you could use it for recording although it wouldn't be my first choice for recording digital piano. The price is reasonable for what you are getting and although Casio isn't known for their top notch craftsmanship, the Casio AP-200 is a nice model that is perfect to add to your home.