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FP User 11/01/2008

Yamaha AW4416 : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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It depends of what for you want to use this machine; if you want to use it like a stand alone gear to record, mix and burn, it's perfect if you want to use it like a mixer, and have the possibilitie to route many output signals, it' a little hard; you just have 4 output and the stero monitor output; if you want more, you've to buy optional in or output boards, anologic or numeric another option is the mastering fx card( with waves fx ); but i can't say anything on it, i didn t tried it

Price paid

900 euros (2* hand)


It's praticly one of the easiest machine i used; really

it seems to be ok; mine is a second hand ( it just worked for one song, 2 years ago) , and it seems to be a new one; i hope it will dure a long time


Great, nothing to compare with the 01v great pre amps, great eq, very correct fx; big number of tracks (16 tracks with 8 virtuals one each) the first try it, i just had one roland mc505 (great machine,needing work too sound good); it 's been so easy to record pattern with midi sync. Eq are very great , and automix function so easy to use 3 hours later, a song was borned from only one pattern; to really test the function , i just recorded 5 measures, and tried the parts edit function ( copy, trim, pitch...) and the result was very positive; copy, are perfect, no cracks, no little bad noises; i copied perhaps 15 times the same 4 measures for each sounds from the pattern; result: no desync beetxen the tracks, just perfect sync during all the 15 copies i tried too the sampling pad; it works good, no particular problems (you can have 2 * heigt sample pads banks, with its own sequencer. i tested it totaly, with burning my mix; everithings 's been all right; in 4 hours, i recorded, mixed and 'masterised' and burned the song on cd. fist taste was the good one; it's a good machine, that i don't want to be separated now!!


When i bought it, i wanted to really try it, so i took it in my room; it stayed there for three weeks, and i falled in love with it! my girl friend is jealous now!! seriously, i really like it because for the moment i really didn t had a deception with it

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