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sw80 10/10/2012

Avid C24 : sw80 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Well built, perfect for Pro Tools LE and HD"

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One of the main control rooms here on campus as the Avid C24 in it. It is a Pro Tools based unit that has 24 faders all of which are touch sensitive, a talk back Mic and 16 separate pre amps. This unit is very expensive costing over 10 grand it would only be a wish to say that I want it in my house! Pro Tools is the type of software (DAW) that you will see running in major studios all over the world and you need a control surface that can handle all of the Pro Tools task. The Avid C24 can do that without a problem and more. With a 5.1 surround monitor section and 16 very low and quiet preamps you will have true power at your finger tips.


One thing that I have notice is that this whole unit can get very warm. There is no way you can really have this in a smaller room that isn’t well ventilated and cool. I would be afraid it would eventually fry in a small space that gets warm. If you are using Pro Tools LE or HD you will experience the C24 at its best. We run it with HD and its unreal how well it works.
The talk back microphone is very good, for it to just be a built in talk back option from the engineer to the artist and back, it is crystal clear.


We are using this control surface with some very high quality cables from Avid too. The cables alone cost a couple thousand dollars. This control interface will make mixing your songs very easy. This unit is not very big so to speak, it is only a few feet wide but it is very heavy and solid so don’t think you can move it from place to place easily.


If you can afford to have this unit in your personal studio then you will have major power at your fingertips. But you really don’t need all of these inputs (64) and (32) outputs for a personal set up. This unit is for bigger projects that are in real deal studios. This is a perfect control surface for someone who is starting a studio and has the budget and room for it. It will set a great foundation for your new investment.