Moog Music MF-104Z Analog Delay
Moog Music MF-104Z Analog Delay

MF-104Z Analog Delay, ディレイ/エコー from Moog Music in the Moogerfooger series.

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wwhhhaatt 04/20/2011

Moog Music MF-104Z Analog Delay : wwhhhaatt のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Glorious analog echoes"

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All analog goodness. Not some sort of emulation, digitally controlled, "analog" signal path with digital chips, or any other misrepresentation. This is the real deal old school sound and feel.

-1/4" ins and outs with additional dry output.
-effects loop
-short/long switch to adjust the taper of the time knob
-Knobs for time, feedback (amount of repeats), mix, and loop gain
-Stereo jacks allowing external control over every sound parameter with optional expression pedals or other voltage controllers.
-input and output knobs to adjust levels for your set-up
-optional rack kit to install into a standard rack mount with two other Moogerfoogers


Set-up is a breeze until you get yourself wrapped up in the world of control voltages. The 104 hooks up just like any other stomp box with the exception of the level settings. I find the best sound is to set the input gain so you get just a bit of red (clipping) on the indicator light and then set the output to match the bypassed sound. Set your mix, time, and repeats then you're off into beautiful naturally decaying echoes or crazy run off repeats that can be mangled by turning the time knob.

The manual gives a great explanation of how to get into the different sounds available via the rear voltage control jacks. It was easy for me to understand how this stuff works and allowed me to really expand the sounds available.You can achieve many sounds from a simple expression pedal to control mix which is extremely useful or get crazy with square wave signals from a device like the CP-251 into the delay time making some seriously whacked noises.


I've used this pedal in my live guitar rig as well as with some synths and in the studio as a vocal delay.
It really works great in all of those situations but I was most impressed by the vocal processing. A lot of times delay on vocals really clogs up a mix and it pretty much has to be perfectly synced with the tempo of the song. With the moog it just sits so nicely no matter what the delay time is. Slap back stuff sounds just as good as really long trails. Overall just a very musical warm sound.

There is a little tonal degradation when used in a guitar rig but a simple high and low EQ adjustment on the amp takes care of it quickly. You have to be careful not to drive it too hard as well which makes it difficult to use in some effects loops. It was perfect with my Triamp's loop but I had to use it in front of my Framus since the loop signal was just too hot to work with. Using it in front of the amp sounded surprisingly good though. I normally only use delay post distortion but the sound of the Moog's repeats into my lead channel was really unique. Kind of like the Dead Kennedy's.

With synth's a moog. It's made for that sort of thing and it shows.


Overall this is one of the best delays I've ever used and definitely the best analog delay I've ever had. I've owned quite a few like the old ibanez/maxon units, the memory man, some DOD stuff and they all have their place but the Moog has the most sounds available. As far as the price well I can't really say as I got mine for about half of the retail amount. Sadly the cost is what made me decide use it strictly at home and in the studio only. I had it in my live rig for a while but we get rowdy and one night my singer stepped on it. It did not do any damage but it was too close a call for me with a pedal that would cost so much to replace and honestly using it in a metal setting probably does not really represent the pedal to it's best abilities.

If you're looking for a great sounding analog delay capable of everything from a standard slapback all the way to a square wave modulated self oscillation freakout this is your match.