Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Set
Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Set

HHX Evolution Performance Set, シンバル パック from Sabian in the HH series.

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sanjuro 12/02/2009

Sabian HHX Evolution Performance Set : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Sabian HHX performance pack is an interesting idea.  Some of the highest end cymbals in the Sabian HHX line packaged up and sold together?  I know very few drummers who could afford this.  I know many others who could, and would never consider purchasing cymbals in a pack.  Usually cymbal packs are for starter kits and people who don't know what they're doing.  This is why I was so surprised when I first came across one of these Evolution Packs.  I am normally a pretty big fan of Sabian Evolution cymbals, which are geared towards the fusion genre.  Clearly Dave Weckl's influence is apparent while he is featured on the box.  These are similar to the HH fusion cymbal line, which are also very good.  Regardless of the way that they sound, 900 bucks can buy a lot of cymbal these days.  I am not so sure that this is the best way that money could be spent. 

All of the Evolution cymbals are bright and wet, but in a very delicate way.  Unlike the other coated Zildjian A's or Sabian AA's, these can be very soft and tasteful.  They cut through more than most jazz cymbals, but are not as heavy as rock cymbals.  The hi hats are probably the highlight, extremely defined and warm.  They have a great sizzle and wash that is unparalleled in this genre.  The ride is lso pretty strong, with a good ping and an excellent bell.  It never builds up too much wash when riding, but can crash if necessary.  I have not played the crash extensively, but it sort of reminded me of an AAXplosion crash I had played a few days before.  It was not the strong point of the pack, but was certainly adequate. 

Overall, these are all great cymbals.  If they are all bought at once, some money is saved.  If you are planning to buy all these cymbals individually, this is not a bad option.  However, I strongly urge everyone interested to look around first and try everything out. Every cymbal sounds different, so be sure to test these before purchase.  This price is just  too prohibitive to take chances.