Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 18"
Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 18"

A Custom Fast Crash 18", クラッシュシンバル from Zildjian in the A Custom series.

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goodbyebluesky 04/14/2008

Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash 18" : goodbyebluesky のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Unlike my unfavorable review of the 16" Fast Crash from this series; the A Customs- I really like the A Custom's 18" Fast Crash.
What I like most about the A Custom line-up is their versatile sound, being very modern sounding but traditional enough for more than just rock. The 18" Fast Crash is no exception, as it has a very shimmery modern sound, and is mellow enough to be utilized in a wide variety of gigs. Its a good cymbal for guys who play in different types of bands and need a good "go-to" cymbal for different styles.
The 18" Fast Crash has a great sustain thats not wimpy (unlike the 16" version) so it can be played like crash/ride. It has the density to stand up to it and not flop around like a fish. And, like the name implies; the crash is "fast" so its sounds more punchy and punctuated than most 18" crashes. All of these characteristics blend together perfectly, in my opinion, and this cymbal is explosive and punctuated, dark, modern and shimmery, and with great sustain, and its still versatile enough to play this in a modern rock band all the way down to jazz. Its not as complex as some players might demand, but it does have great musicality and sensitivity to pull off different styles well.
This is one of my favorite crashes ever, other than a few that Paiste has to offer. Its not bad for the price considering the use you would get out of it. It wouldnt replace my standard 18" crash in my setup, but it would pair up with it as a replacement for my 16". Thats how "fast" of a crash it is, you can replace your 16" with it for a fuller sound but not give up the punctuation or explosiveness you expect from a smaller crash!

You will love this cymbal.