Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas
Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas

Procussion CF-450 Congas, Conga from Royce.

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moosers 09/04/2010

Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas are simple percussion instruments that can be used for use of any kind. We've got two of these at the studio where I'm currently working at, each of them being a slightly different size. I'm pretty sure they are of the same make and all that, however. These congas were made in Thailand and are actually built pretty well considering this. I'm not a drummer or a percussionist by trade, as I'm an engineer and stringed instruments player primarily, and I recently used these on a session where I was the engineer and not the player. We used Josephson E-22S microphones, and the overall sound coming from these congas was immaculate. Of course we had a pretty good chain going with the E-22s and our Neve console, but nonetheless it all starts with the source. I have played around a little bit with these congas outside of this recent session, and they definitely seem easy to play even though I certainly don't know the proper techniques associated with conga playing. They have a very vibrant tone that cuts through very well and can also stand on it's own. I really don't have any background knowledge of these congas, and I wouldn't have ever used them if they weren't owned by the studio and always around, so I'm not sure how easily accessible these would be. They seem to be the perfect in between congas, as they aren't cheaply made and also aren't going to be the most expensive. In this respect they are perfect for a professional studio like the one that I work at, as you want something that sounds good, but not the top of the line since they won't see use everyday, or that often at all as the case may be in this studio. If you're looking for an in between conga like this, the Royce Procussion CF-450 Congas are definitely some drums worth checking into.